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OJI Program Exclusions

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  • All injuries and or illnesses that occur during the qualified individual’s hours of work may not qualify for OJI. All non-occupational injuries or illnesses not qualifying for OJI should be presented to the medical insurance carrier, if applicable, for payment according to the then in-force rules and regulations of that program. The Safety Coordinator or OJI representative will make determination of questionable injuries or illnesses.

  • Injury or illness resulting from the adverse effects of prescription or over-the-counter medications (as determined by County designated physician) not related to an on-the-job injury or illness.

  • Injury or illness resulting from alcohol or from unlawful use of drugs (as determined by County designated physician).

  • Misconduct, including horseplay.

  • Intentional or self-inflicted injury even as a result of a medical or mental condition.

  • Failure or refusal to use safety devices and/or personal protective equipment as outlined in the County Safety Manual as amended from time to time, failure to perform duties as required by law, or failure to follow general safety precautions in performing ones duties.

  • On the job injuries or illness aggravated by any activity while off-duty.

  • Injuries suffered while traveling to and/or from work, except when such travel is in the performance of the employee’s duties driving a personal or County-owned vehicle. “To and from work” is defined as beginning when you enter your work space and leave your work space; injuries or illnesses sustained while getting in or out of your vehicle or in a county parking lot coming to or leaving work are not covered.

  • Health conditions which are attributed to degenerative conditions.

  • Participation in physical fitness or recreational activities unless the activity is part of an organized program approved by the Department Head and the employee’s participation is made mandatory by the Department Head. Voluntary participation in such activities is covered neither during work hours nor during off-duty hours.

  • Use of articles, objects, or appliances for climbing or lifting that are not intended and/or adequate for those specific purposes.

  • Benefits will not be provided for personnel who choose to work when directed not to do so.

  • Rutherford County may require injured employees to submit to a drug and alcohol test. A positive drug or alcohol test will result in a presumption that intoxication or drug use was the proximate cause of the injury or accident, such that compensation under this Policy is not payable.