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Smart Steps to a Healthier You

Smart Steps - Rutherford County Wellness Logo

Rutherford County Government promotes workplace wellness because we understand that access to healthcare is important to achieve the best quality of a healthy life for everyone. Smart Steps Wellness offers a variety of ongoing events for employees. Our mission, to promote a work environment that incorporates healthy lifestyles and enhances the quality of life for employees and families. Smart Steps utilizes a fun, interactive “hands on” approach to improve health and well-being through various health promotional activities throughout the community.


2023 Podcasts

Month Podcast Video Handouts
Mind Over Matter
Toolbox to Intellectual Health
Ergonomics & Heart Health
Workspace Musculoskeletal Tips
March Burnout & Breaking Points

MDLIVE Virtual Primary Care
Ginger Virtual Mental Healthcare
Foodsmart Personalized Telenutrition

Family History or Family Havoc
Ginger Virtual Mental Healthcare
May Financial and Mental Health
for Overall Wealth

Brightline Virtual Behavioral Health Support
Brightside Virtual Mental Health Care
Financial Health Lunch and Learn
Tips for Better Financial Health


The Power in Plants and Alzheimer's Disease/Brain Health Cigna Healthy Rewards
Resources Worksheet


Skin Health & Safety, Local Blood Drive and Healthy Pregnancies Reward Program

Skin Chart
American Red Cross
Healthy Pregnancies, Healthy Babies

August Healthy Habits and
How to Keep Them

Active and Fit
Third Quarter Wellness Challenge

September Surround Yourself with Success

Meru Health for Mind and Body
IdentityForce Identity Theft Protection
Tips on Surrounding Yourself with Success

October The Cost of Your Health Cigna Lifestyle Management Programs
Foodsmart Personalized Telenutrition
Breast Cancer Awareness and Tips
Break the Cycle
Cigna Programs & Resources

2022 Podcasts

Video Handouts

Am I Healthy? - Introduction
Occupational Health

September Newsletter
October Physical & Mental Health

Active & Fit
Flu Shot Drive

November Social Health & Diabetes Awareness
Highlighted Nov. Programs



Wellness Incentive Points
Rutherford County Employees have the opportunity to earn a $300 annual medical premium credit for the 2023 plan year. (The reduction is based on your payroll deduction frequency.)

Here's How:
Accumulate points from October 1, 2022 - September 30, 2023; the premium credit is reflected the following January 1 for those completing the program.

How do you earn points?
Simply earn 3 points per person (Employee & Spouse) enrolled in a Medical plan by completing any of the options below.

Options to earn points include:


Click Here for the Cigna Wellness Screening Form
Click Here for the 2022 Incentive Flyer