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Cigna-TriStar Health System Negotiation Update

October 2, 2023

We are happy to inform you that Cigna and TriStar Health System have reached an agreement. Rutherford County medical enrollees in the Open Access Plus Network, previously notified of a potential change in benefits, will be sent a rescind letter from Cigna notifying them of this update.

For additional information from TriStar Health System, please visit their website.

September 20, 2023

The Rutherford County Insurance and Risk Management department has learned that Cigna is in negotiations with TriStar Health System regarding the renewal of their contract. While Cigna has been negotiating with the goal of keeping Rutherford County’s health care affordable, both parties have yet to reach an agreement.

In the event Cigna and TriStar Health System are unable to reach a contractual agreement, TriStar Health System, its hospitals, facilities, and certain doctors will be out of Cigna's Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Individual Family Plan (IFP), Open Access Plus (OAP), and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) networks. This would impact all of Cigna’s clients beginning October 1, 2023.

Please know that we understand changes to your benefit plan can be frustrating. Our office is here to provide you with direction and assistance during this time of uncertainty, and help you understand how this could affect your care.

Why This Is Happening:
Insurance carriers and health care providers have contracts with each other and, as with any contract, they renegotiate when the contract is up for renewal. Sometimes the insurance company (in this case, Cigna) and the provider (TriStar Health System) are unable to reach an agreement. If an agreement is not reached, the provider drops out of network. If this happens, all of Cigna’s clients will feel the impact of this change, not just Rutherford County’s members.

Continuity of Care If an Agreement Is Not Reached:
If you are currently in a treatment plan that was approved by Cigna before October 1, 2023 with a TriStar Health System provider, you may be eligible to continue care with your current provider. To do so, you will need to request Continuity of Care through Cigna. This can be done by contacting Cigna at the number on the back of your Cigna ID card or by calling 800-244-6224, and letting a Cigna Customer Service Advocate know you are in the middle of a treatment plan. Cigna’s Customer Service Advocates are available 24/7 to help determine if you are eligible for Continuity of Care and guide you through completing the request form. You can also download this form here.

To Change Providers:
In-network healthcare providers and facilities are available to provide quality care in your area. Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Ascension St. Thomas, and Williamson Medical Center are all still in-network providers with Cigna. To find an in-network provider, you can call 800-244-6224, log in to your account or app, or contact Leigh Smith at 615-898-7715, ext. 7727 or [email protected].

We will continue to monitor the situation and communicate updates to you when they become available.

For more information from TriStar Health System on how this may affect your care, please visit their website.

Please also be on the lookout for correspondence from Cigna regarding this potential transition. Copies of these correspondences can be found below:
Cigna Healthcare Letter