Rutherford County TN


Safety Training

Employee Safety is a top priority of the Rutherford County Government. Safety training is a key component ensuring all employees have the knowledge, skills, and abilities perform job duties in a safe and effective manner. The TOSHA Training Chart below shows required annual safety training topics as well as topics required upon job assignment or as needed. Training matrixes are based on job duties or potential hazards in the work area. 

Board of Education Training Matrix               County General Training Matrix

Attention County General employees: Click quiz link after viewing. Enter SSN with dashes (example 999-99-9999) Answer the questions and click submit. New hire data will upload in the training database within 90 days of hire. Until then, you may provide your supervisor with a print of your completed quiz to receive credit. DVD presentations are available for departments and employees to check out for those without computer access and for those who are visual learners.



Annually required safety training upon job assignment:

Slip, Trips & Falls-walking, working surfaces   Quiz


Required training upon job assignment or as needed:

 Accident Safety/10 Questions  Quiz
Back Safety  Quiz
Housekeeping  Checklist


Entrenamiento Anual de Seguridad - Versión en Español

Programa de Lesiones en el Empleo

Ruta de escape, Prevención y extinción de incendios


Requerimientos para asignaciones en el trabajo